Still operating under COVID-19 restrictions, the track was unable to open the front gates for spectators, but drivers were able to come and enter competition with limited crew.

Rob Hetrick was one of the racers in Gianni Mazia’s MOD and passed away from cancer over the winter. A memorial race was held in his honor with the weekly payout increased to $4000 with contributions from competitors, family and friends. Multi time track Champion Dale Eckert took home the $1500 to win over Mason Fix.

Don Becker, on his Ski-Doo snowmobile was the first competitor in Buffalo Chopper Bikes & Sleds to take out Mike Peters this season. Peters was undefeated so far this season until meeting Becker in the final.

Jan Winkowski won Mallare Trucking Top class over Dan Hinrich when Hinrich fouled on the starting line.

TOP 8 was won by Lucas Salemi, who moved into a dragster after winning the Bikes & Sleds Class Championship last season. Dave Cleveland was the runner-up.

Wayne Kofahl from Chili took home the win in Tread City Discount Tire Street over Dominic Pace. Next Friday July 24 will bring another full card of Drag Racing accompanied by Buffalo Street Outlaw Limited Street 6.50 and 5.50 classes. Tuesday July 21 is Senior Nostalgia, Junior Dragster, Trophy and test & tune. Wednesday will be Grudge Drags .

Gianni Mazia MOD Robert Hetrick Memorial Race

  • Mason Fix               Cambria, NY           .5462 RT      7.24 Index    7.2328 ET     92.20
  • W) Dale Eckert             S Wales, NY            .5279 RT      7.25 Index    7.2661 ET     91.64

Tread City Tire STREET

  • Dominic Pace           Niag Falls, NY         .5740 RT      11.87 Index  12.174 ET    59.44
  • W) Wayne Kofahl         Chili, NY                 .5271 RT      9.91 Index   10.1119 ET   63.91

Buffalo Chopper Bikes & Sleds

  • W) Don Becker             Alden, NY               .5340 RT      6.98 Index    7.0079 ET     88.26
  • Mike Peters             Angola, NY             .5798 RT      5.57 Index    5.5881 ET     122.61


  • W) Lucas Salemi           Clarence Ctr, NY      .5250 RT      5.25 Index    5.2609 ET     129.69
  • Dave Cleveland       Holley, NY              .5270 RT      5.21 Index    5.2329 ET     135.15

Mallare Trucking TOP

  • W)      Jan Winkowski        Cheektowaga, NY    .5329 RT      6.75 Index    6.7379 ET    100.67
  • Daniel Hinrich         Pavilion, NY            .4920 RT      6.15 Index    6.1380 ET     115.89