Lancaster, NY – June 4, 2021 If the car count on opening night at the drags was any indication, 2021 is shaping up to be a banner year! There were 160 vehicles on the property featuring the weekly IHRA classes and Buffalo Street Outlaw 5.50 and 6.50 classes.

Mike Peters won the first race of the Buffalo Choppers Bikes & Sleds class when Dick Nearhoof red-lighted. Peters is the reigning 2020 Champion.

In Gianni Mazia Mod, Jeff Kerl took the win against Stephanie Buhan when she broke out in the final. Kale Wischman won in Tread City Tire Street against Wayne Kofahl.

The Mallare Trucking Top class winner was long time competitor Paul Cochi who won when Tyler Halleen fouled on the starting line. It was a doorslammer vs dragster final in Top 8 when Dave Cleveland took the win against Greg Kerl who ran his dial but had a “perfect red light”.

Buffalo Street Outlaw 6.50 class’s winner was Mike Skowronski over Brad Bartolomei and the 5.50 class was won by Jonathan Kroll over Alex Wesolowski.

Friday June 11 will feature our weekly IHRA classes including the 2nd Annual Rob Hetrick Memorial Mod race. There will also be a $1200 to win Hot Rod 7.00 class. Tuesday will be Sr Nostalgia, Jr Dragsters, Test & Tune, Trophy Class and the continuation of the 2020 Race of Champions. Wednesday will be the weekly Grudge Drags and Cruise Night

Mallare Trucking TOP
W) Paul Cochi Amherst, NY 6.30 index .5170 RT 6.3511 ET 99.94 mph
Tyler Halleen Niagara Falls, NY 5.90 index .4981 RT 9.5449 ET 45.40 mph

Gianni Mazia MOD
Stephanie Buhan Rochester, NY 7.60 index .5562 RT 7.5960 ET 89.23 mph
W) Jeff Kerl Cheektowaga, NY 6.44 index .5459 RT 6.4641 ET 103.90 mph

Tread City Tire STREET
W) Kale Wischman Amherst, NY 8.04 index .5490 RT 8.0780 ET 82.25 mph
Wayne Kofahl Chili, NY 9.92 index .5860 RT 9.9380 ET 69.87 mph

Buffalo Chopper Bikes & Sleds
W) Mike Peters Angola, NY 5.57 index .5448 RT 5.5633 ET 122.92 mph
Dick Nearhoof Wheatfield, NY 5.98 index .4659 RT 6.0271 ET 112.54 mph

W) Dave Cleveland Holley 5.21 index .5240 RT 5.2259 ET 129.64 mph
Greg Kerl 4.82 index .4999 RT 4.8280 ET 141.57 mph

BSO 5.50
W)Jonathan Kroll W Seneca, NY 5.50 index .5090 RT 5.7300 ET 107.09 mph
Alex Wesolowski Arcade, NY 5.50 index .4789 RT 6.2922 ET 107.63 mph

BSO 6.50
W) Mike Skowronski Hamburg, NY 6.50 index .5010 RT 6.4960 ET 107.41 mph
Brad Bartolomei N Tonawanda, NY 6.50 index .3990 RT 6.5158 ET 106.15 mph

Sharon Hughes, Lancaster Dragway Program & Race Director